The Bellmoor Inn & Spa - Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, DE 19971, United States

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The Bellmoor Inn & Spa is proud to be a longterm member of the Select Registry. We work hard to uphold the high standards set forth by Select Registry & feel we go above and beyond their requirements. 

Perhaps the most important distinction between a Select Registry member inn and any other is their system of quality assurance. Select Registry carries out a quality assurance inspection of each of its nearly 400 inns. This program involves independent inspectors - not employees of Select Registry - with years of experience in the hospitality industry.

The inspectors arrive anonymously, spend the night, and evaluate the inn based on a detailed point system, which translates into a pass/fail grade for the inn. Inns applying for membership are inspected periodically as are existing member inns.

Not all have what it takes to pass the inspections. Thus, this process provides a guarantee to the traveling public that a Select Registry inn is in a class of its own. A recent Internet directory identified over 20,000 country inns and B&Bs in the United States and Canada. Only a select few are members of the Select Registry. No other online directory or organization of innkeepers has a comparable inspection program. In fact, a recent New York Times article noted that the proliferation of "inns" has resulted in an industry that is misrepresented, lacks quality control, and charges widely varying room rates. With its rigorous inspection program, Select Registry has established quality as a hallmark of its member properties.

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The Bellmoor Inn & Spa is located in the heart of downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
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